His All Holiness Ecumenical
Patriarch Bartholomew I

Οικουμενικός Πατριάρχης Βαρθολομαίος Ι
Patriarchal Blessings

Your Eminence Metropolitan of New Zealand, and Most Honorable Exarch of Oceania,

Beloved brother in the Holy Spirit and Concelebrant of our own Mediocrity Amfilochios,

may the grace and peace of God be with your Eminence.

The Founder of our Church and her Head, the Lord Jesus Christ, in His Providence has guided the steps of your beloved Eminence since childhood. Always and in everything responding to the divine callings, you served faithfully and with love for God, glorifying the exalted Name of the Savior. Thus by eagerness and labor and true humility, you have cultivated much fruit.

The Mother Church knowing well your entire journey, that you are always preserving an ecclesiastical phronema (mindset), according to the Lord's own words: "You will know them by their fruits." (Matt. 7:16), honored your Eminence with the Archieratical rank and then elected you Metropolitan of the Holy Metropolis of New Zealand in good hope of one bright Pastorship. The missionary work which till now you have accomplished with ierapostolic zeal has justified the decision of the Mother Church and because of this "justification" she receives a respite in the many struggles of her cross-bearing journey among which are her "concern for all the churches" (2΄Cor. 11:28).

The distances may be great between the Venerable Center and its blessed Eparchy of New Zealand. However, the heart of our own Mediocrity is always found among its beloved children there in the Metropolis of NewZealand and it beseeches the Lord for her general welfare both for its children and their Chief-Shepherd.

So then, upon the completion of the fifth year anniversary of your God-loving Pastorship, we wholeheartedly pray that the Grace of God which may cover your Eminence and grant to you health both of soul and body, and coworkers who are distinguished by their irreducible zeal, to provide to the Orthodox Church the appropriate witness even there in the Antipodes. Likewise, to the entire fullness of the Church in New Zealand, both as father and as Patriarch we wish you through this calendar which you now hold in your hands that the New Year of our Lord 2011 be full of divine blessings.

The grace of God and His infinite mercy be with all of you.

14 December, 2010

Your beloved brother in Christ,

+Bartholomew, Patriarch of Constantinople.

His Eminence Archbishop of New Zealand
and Exarch of Oceania Amfilochios

Μητροπολίτης Νέας Ζηλανδίας Αμφιλόχιος
Archbishop's Blessings

Five whole years have passed already (can it be true?) since on 20 November, 2005, my humility (I) was enthroned at the Sacred Annunciation of the Theotokos Cathedral Naos in Wellington, as the third successive Metropolitan of New Zealand.

From the depth of my soul I thank the Holy God for this event which occurred with the consent and the election of His All-Holiness our Oecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and of the Reverend Hierarchs, members of the Holy and Sacred Synod our reverent Oecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Throughout the five year period those of us who do this work of the Church in this Metropolis were overwhelmed by each honorable effort which all of you offered to us, so that whatsoever we received from you we desired to use worthily and to not give up but to continue moving forward.

The entire effort revolved around two axies the building of several additional Sacred Naoi and, in numbers equal to the churches, the ordination of priests so that the Metropolis can serve unimpeded and so that her pastoral effort will bring gladness, as much as is possible, to all the Greek Orthodox, and to even support our brothers and sisters who are not Greek Orthodox.

At the same time the work of external Mission (Ierapostole) has begun to the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Islands: Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, which by the decision of the Reverend Center of our faith (the Oecumenical Patiarchate) where incorporated into the Sacred Metropolis of New Zealand.

Glory to God for everything.

We wish to all the Christians of our Metropolis and to all those who receive this Hemerologion in their hands, and most especially to those who have supported and who support with their prayers and financial resources and every other expression of support this our faraway Ierapostolic Missionary Metropolis, blessed and salvific the New Year 2011 with health, peace and joy and with every other blessing from our Creator and Fashioner.

With His love

† Metropolitan of New Zealand, Amfilochios.
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