Tips From Our Expert Personal trainer

To start with, you need some mild activity which would gradually diminish the heart rate. Once you complete your entire personal trainer session, your instructor should ideally tell you to start jogging in one place. Try to maintain a gentle pace. Jogging for about 4 minutes would help in bringing your heart rate back to normal.

It’s beneficial to wear a heart rate monitor. Alternatively, you can count your pulse beat for about 15 minutes. Four times this figure is your heart rate. One of my all-time favourite workouts is with kettlebells, do a full-body workout for 7 minutes without rest!

Marching in one place is also excellent for cooling down. As you continue marching, you heart rate reduces gradually. Try to regulate your breathing too. When you become a personal trainer in Dubai, the breathing is fast and short and could also result in panting.

Therefore, when you attempt to cool down by marching or jogging; you need to normalize your breathing as well. Therefore try to maintain slow and even breathing as you cool down.

Stretching the upper part of the body is also equally important. You need to stretch your neck, shoulders, back, chest, triceps as well as biceps. The head has to be kept erect above your heart till your heart rate normalizes. So when you stretch, keep your head erect. Don’t forget to stretch your lower body as well.

The hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and core muscles need stretching too. Choose either a standing or sitting position, whichever you are comfortable with, when you stretch. Enjoy this article? Visit for more just like this.