Obstacle Race Training

How Obstacle Races Help you Quicken your Speed

Obstacle runs can best be described as events that combine multiple disciplines into one single race over a long distance and varied terrain. As part of such an event, you will have to cross different types of obstacles and cross lakes and mud pits or climb hills and crawl through barbed wires! Understandably, such races are not for the fainthearted and you really need to get fit for tough mudder and prepare yourself well in advance by undergoing a rigorous training programme. While an obstacle race is exciting and challenging in itself, an added benefit of participating in such a race is that is dramatically improves your speed, agility and reflexes. This is because the intense training that you must undergo really prepares your body for the hardships ahead.

Improve your Speed by Participating in an Obstacle Race

If you are slow by nature or lead a sedentary lifestyle, then participating regularly in obstacle races can be a fantastic way of making you more agile and quick. Speedy reflex and quick motion are absolutely necessary if you want to complete your daily assignments on time. You will also be better prepared to tackle unexpected situations if you are fast and stay alert all the time. Improving your speed is therefore vital and obstacle races help you achieve that through rigorous training and by providing a challenging atmosphere that pushes you to your limits.

Preparing for your Obstacle Race

You need to be both physically and mentally fit before you participate in an obstacle race. Such races offer varied obstacles and unexpected terrain that really challenge your physical and mental toughness. Understandably, a rigorous training programme including aerobic; anaerobic; flexible training and much more is essential to prepare you for such a medley of gruelling events. As part of your training, you will have to perform a variety of workouts that will test your strength, endurance, speed, stability and mental toughness. Once through with your training; you can be sure of completing the race well in time and much ahead of others. And you can actually feel the spring in your step as you sail through your daily activities smoothly, comfortably and well in time.

Become Stronger

Some amount of physical strength is vital for success in an obstacle race and your training helps you to achieve this by combining different types of strength-training workouts. As part of your training, you will have to do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, planks, burpees and much more so that your entire body becomes fitter, stronger and more agile. You will also do a lot of stretching and other flexibility workouts to improve your reach and response. Such workouts are necessarily fast-paced and quite rigorous in keeping with the basic theme of obstacle races. Gradually, you not only become stronger but faster too as your body learns to respond in real quick time to changing situations and unexpected challenges.

During your Obstacle Race

Just merely participating in an obstacle race will help you to gradually improve your speed and alacrity. Having to cross multiple obstacles and negotiate varied terrain in a time-bound manner is enough to push your adrenalin levels soaring. Over time, your body becomes accustomed to responding in the same time-bound manner in almost everything you do thereby improving both your physical speed and mental response time.