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Train With FFC Kettlebell Courses – The Best In The Industry!

The ladder to becoming a qualified, registered and professional personal trainer has many rungs to reach the top. From levels 1 and 2 which qualify you as a fitness instructor, you have to climb the next few rungs to reach personal trainer status. Other important requirements should also be looked at if you are aiming at becoming an all-round professional in the fitness training world with FFC kettlebell Courses online certifications.

Recognition of qualifications

Whatever level of qualification you achieve, you should ensure the same are REPs accredited. REPs recognition is a stamp that confirms your qualification and competency covering levels 2, 3 and any CPD courses you may have taken. If you are REPs registered both clients and employers will be assured you have the required background to give top level service in the fitness industry.

Levels of qualifications

Levels 1 and 2: When you start training in FFC Personal Trainer Courses you will go through levels 1 and 2. At this stage you acquire basic knowledge of physiology and anatomy which prepare you to deal with health, fitness principles and safety. With a level 2 qualification you can guide new members working out on the gym floor.

Level 3: If you want to climb the next rung of the fitness instructor ladder, you have to progress to level 3. At this level you will gain a more in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy, required nutrition and kettlebell exercises. You will be able to make required plans and help clients with their workouts. Level 3 gives you the status of personal trainer  a rung higher than fitness instructor.

Level 4: This level of fitness training involves two special areas. It will gear you to deal with clients suffering from obesity and diabetes. Level 4 will also teach you how to deal with people suffering from pain in the lower back in areas such as planning, prescribing and conducting reviews.

Level 5: This level of training will gear you to deal with both  a client’s body as well as mindset. Areas such as counselling, human psychology, stress management etc. are covered.

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Other areas of fitness training

Besides concentrating on fitness training, after doing FFC Personal Trainer Courses you may have an interest in T3 and fx workouts. As an fx instructor you will be able to make your classes interesting with different types of workouts. You can cover areas such as full HIIT body workouts, martial arts etc.

Progression in training

It is important as a personal trainer to keep abreast of all the latest information and techniques in fitness training. Special Continuing Professional Development courses are available which will help you to continuously update your knowledge. A CPD course will help you to stand out among other trainers in the gym. It also gears you to conduct training with kettle-bells and Olympic lifts.

Nutrition guidance

As a personal trainer you could help clients with basic guidance as to the diets they can follow. But be aware that you are not qualified as a nutritionist. You could be approached to endorse some specialised diet programmes  avoid doing so. There are short term and long term programmes which will qualify you as a nutritionist to help your clients to achieve top fitness levels.

Tips From Our Expert Personal trainer

To start with, you need some mild activity which would gradually diminish the heart rate. Once you complete your entire personal trainer session, your instructor should ideally tell you to start jogging in one place. Try to maintain a gentle pace. Jogging for about 4 minutes would help in bringing your heart rate back to normal.

It’s beneficial to wear a heart rate monitor. Alternatively, you can count your pulse beat for about 15 minutes. Four times this figure is your heart rate. One of my all-time favourite workouts is with kettlebells, do a full-body workout for 7 minutes without rest!

Marching in one place is also excellent for cooling down. As you continue marching, you heart rate reduces gradually. Try to regulate your breathing too. When you become a personal trainer in Dubai, the breathing is fast and short and could also result in panting.

Therefore, when you attempt to cool down by marching or jogging; you need to normalize your breathing as well. Therefore try to maintain slow and even breathing as you cool down.

Stretching the upper part of the body is also equally important. You need to stretch your neck, shoulders, back, chest, triceps as well as biceps. The head has to be kept erect above your heart till your heart rate normalizes. So when you stretch, keep your head erect. Don’t forget to stretch your lower body as well.

The hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and core muscles need stretching too. Choose either a standing or sitting position, whichever you are comfortable with, when you stretch. Enjoy this article? Visit for more just like this.

Hidden advantages of doing online fitness business


More and more personal trainers are using a new business model by going online. A personal trainer, who takes his fitness business online in the right direction and employs the right strategies to sell his services in South Africa, has a very big chance of making immense online fitness profits due to the various advantages of this business model.

Steady income

An online fitness business involved clients who pay for the subscription instead of paying per session of training. This makes the clients stay with you for longer periods of times, thus ensuring a steady source of income for you. This is why it’s very important that before setting up such a business personal trainers undertake certified fitness courses.

Less investment

As a personal trainer who provides services online in South Africa, you only need to invest in a good quality laptop/ computer, webcam, good quality headphones and speaker, website and internet. You need not invest in setting up a gym or any fitness equipment.

fitness keyboard

No constraints of location

Since an online personal trainer provides training from a remote location, you can reach out to clients who are miles away from your location and train them. This widely increases your chances of reaching out to a number of clients, thus helping you make online fitness profits.

Scope of business expansion

You can have comprehensive packages and schemes wherein clients can opt for additional services like nutrition tips, holistic workouts, yoga, daily review of food journal and workout diary, customized diet plans etc for an extra charge.

Online personal training is a relatively new concept and has the potential to grow into a full-fledged industry. Apart from helping you make good amounts of online fitness profits, this business model can help you get established and gain a firm foothold in this industry.

How Obstacle Races Help you Quicken your Speed

Obstacle runs can best be described as events that combine multiple disciplines into one single race over a long distance and varied terrain. As part of such an event, you will have to cross different types of obstacles and cross lakes and mud pits or climb hills and crawl through barbed wires! Understandably, such races are not for the fainthearted and you really need to get fit for tough mudder and prepare yourself well in advance by undergoing a rigorous training programme. While an obstacle race is exciting and challenging in itself, an added benefit of participating in such a race is that is dramatically improves your speed, agility and reflexes. This is because the intense training that you must undergo really prepares your body for the hardships ahead.

Improve your Speed by Participating in an Obstacle Race

If you are slow by nature or lead a sedentary lifestyle, then participating regularly in obstacle races can be a fantastic way of making you more agile and quick. Speedy reflex and quick motion are absolutely necessary if you want to complete your daily assignments on time. You will also be better prepared to tackle unexpected situations if you are fast and stay alert all the time. Improving your speed is therefore vital and obstacle races help you achieve that through rigorous training and by providing a challenging atmosphere that pushes you to your limits.

Preparing for your Obstacle Race

You need to be both physically and mentally fit before you participate in an obstacle race. Such races offer varied obstacles and unexpected terrain that really challenge your physical and mental toughness. Understandably, a rigorous training programme including aerobic; anaerobic; flexible training and much more is essential to prepare you for such a medley of gruelling events. As part of your training, you will have to perform a variety of workouts that will test your strength, endurance, speed, stability and mental toughness. Once through with your training; you can be sure of completing the race well in time and much ahead of others. And you can actually feel the spring in your step as you sail through your daily activities smoothly, comfortably and well in time.

Become Stronger

Some amount of physical strength is vital for success in an obstacle race and your training helps you to achieve this by combining different types of strength-training workouts. As part of your training, you will have to do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, planks, burpees and much more so that your entire body becomes fitter, stronger and more agile. You will also do a lot of stretching and other flexibility workouts to improve your reach and response. Such workouts are necessarily fast-paced and quite rigorous in keeping with the basic theme of obstacle races. Gradually, you not only become stronger but faster too as your body learns to respond in real quick time to changing situations and unexpected challenges.

During your Obstacle Race

Just merely participating in an obstacle race will help you to gradually improve your speed and alacrity. Having to cross multiple obstacles and negotiate varied terrain in a time-bound manner is enough to push your adrenalin levels soaring. Over time, your body becomes accustomed to responding in the same time-bound manner in almost everything you do thereby improving both your physical speed and mental response time.

Mistakes to Avoid When Working With a Personal Trainer in Broadbeach 

Thanks to the fitness fad sweeping through the nation, anyone with a better than average body can call himself a personal fitness trainer, print a few business cards and loot your money. That is why, while working with or hiring personal trainers Broadbeach you need to be extra cautious and avoid some common mistakes.

Is He Qualified?

Do not hire somebody with an online diploma or certificate for they know nothing about fitness. Certified and experienced personal trainers in Broadbeach usually pass out of nationally or internationally recognised accredited institutes and possess degrees/diplomas or certificates that are accepted by the fitness industry.

They should also be affiliated to or certified from reputable certification institutes or associations. Your personal fitness trainer should also be more than ready to provide references that you can follow up.

Do the Personal Fitness Trainers in Broadbeach Practise What They Preach?

When hiring or working with personal trainers in Broadbeach find out if they practise what they preach. Your personal fitness trainer doesn’t need to have the body of a Greek God or an athlete straight out of the pages of glossy fitness magazines. But if he or she is fatter than you are or are visibly lacking in fitness (you are probably fitter than they are), you would probably not want to work with him or her.Â

How Much are you Comfortable With?

Your relationship with your personal trainers in Broadbeach should ideally be based on comfort. Your fitness coach should understand you and your needs, his/her personality should be compatible with yours and he/she should make you comfortable. While interviewing the trainer, remember to ask the right questions. If you feel ill at ease with this person or feel that this trainer is not the right fit for you, work with someone else you can respect and trust.

For example, personal trainers in Broadbeach do have the right to push you and be firm with you. But if he kicks your butt and makes you work so hard that you end up with sprains, tears or faintness or have to seek medical intervention, you should part ways with him and seek a better trainer who understands your physical limitations.

Does your Trainer Have Mercenary Motives?

The most expensive of Broadbeach personal trainers are not necessarily the best, but trainers who charge dirt cheap rates may end up injuring your body. Instead of judging by fees, look up the trainer’s credentials – his experience and qualification. Make the rounds of health clubs and gyms, talk to other fitness enthusiasts who work with Broadbeach personal trainers and learn the rates.Â

Generally, if you opt for group practice sessions, the expense will be affordable. But if you expect your personal fitness trainer to come to your home, you may have to pay a whole lot more. Many trainers offer prepaid packages. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may avail discounted rates.Â

Beware of trainers with variable fees who ask how much you may be able to afford. They may be more interested in money than in improving your fitness.