Month: July 2016

Hidden advantages of doing online fitness business


More and more personal trainers are using a new business model by going online. A personal trainer, who takes his fitness business online in the right direction and employs the right strategies to sell his services in South Africa, has a very big chance of making immense online fitness profits due to the various advantages of this business model.

Steady income

An online fitness business involved clients who pay for the subscription instead of paying per session of training. This makes the clients stay with you for longer periods of times, thus ensuring a steady source of income for you. This is why it’s very important that before setting up such a business personal trainers undertake certified fitness courses.

Less investment

As a personal trainer who provides services online in South Africa, you only need to invest in a good quality laptop/ computer, webcam, good quality headphones and speaker, website and internet. You need not invest in setting up a gym or any fitness equipment.

fitness keyboard

No constraints of location

Since an online personal trainer provides training from a remote location, you can reach out to clients who are miles away from your location and train them. This widely increases your chances of reaching out to a number of clients, thus helping you make online fitness profits.

Scope of business expansion

You can have comprehensive packages and schemes wherein clients can opt for additional services like nutrition tips, holistic workouts, yoga, daily review of food journal and workout diary, customized diet plans etc for an extra charge.

Online personal training is a relatively new concept and has the potential to grow into a full-fledged industry. Apart from helping you make good amounts of online fitness profits, this business model can help you get established and gain a firm foothold in this industry.